Seward Family List of Books - By Publisher

  • Seasons

    Author: Thomson, James
    Imprint: Privately printed: Newburyport, MA; 1762-1800?

  • Book of Common Prayer

    Author: Protestant Episcopal Church of New York
    Imprint: Protestant Episcopal Church of New York: New York City; 1818

  • The words of Jesus

    Author: Macduff, John R.
    Imprint: Protestant Episcopal Society: New York City; 1861

  • Punchinello

    Author: Punchinello Publishing Company
    Imprint: Punchinello Publishing Company: New York, NY; 1870

  • Rajas of the Punjab

    Author: Griffin, Lepel H.
    Imprint: Punjab Printing Company, Limited: Lahore, India; 1870