Seward Family List of Books - By Publisher

  • Book of Common Prayer

    Author: Protestant Episcopal Church
    Imprint: R. Bartlett & S. Raynor: New York City; 1834

  • Stately Homes of England

    Author: Jewitt, Llewellynn and S. C. Hall
    Imprint: R. Worthington, Importer: New York City; After 1869

  • Speeches

    Author: Macaulay, Thomas Babington
    Imprint: Redfield: New York City; 1853

  • Lady of the Manor

    Author: Sherwood, Mrs.
    Imprint: Richard Wood, Collins & Co.: New York City; 1826-1829

  • Geography Made Easy

    Author: Morse, Jedidiah and Sidney Edwards Morse
    Imprint: Richardson & Lord: Boston; 1820

  • History of England

    Author: Hume, David
    Imprint: Robert Campbell: Philadelphia; 1795-1796

  • History of England

    Author: Smollett, T. et al
    Imprint: Robert Campbell & Co.: Philadelphia; 1796-1798

  • Utterances

    Author: Duganne, A. J. H.
    Imprint: Robert M. De Witt: New York City; 1865

  • Poems

    Author: Ingelow, Jean
    Imprint: Roberts Brothers: Boston; 1864

  • Poems

    Author: Cook, Eliza
    Imprint: Routledge, Warne & Routledge: London; 1861

  • Atala, Rene

    Author: Chateaubriand, M. Le Vicomte de
    Imprint: Roe Lockwood & Son: New York City; 1859

  • Book About Doctors

    Author: Jeaffreson, J. Cordy
    Imprint: Rudd & Carleton: New York City; 1861