Seward Family List of Books - By Publisher

  • Letters From New-York

    Author: Child, L. Maria
    Imprint: Charles S. Francis and Company: New York City; 1843

  • Fall of Poland

    Author: Saxton, L. C.
    Imprint: Charles Scribner: New York City; 1852

  • Ravenshoe

    Author: Kingsley, Henry
    Imprint: Charles Scribner's Sons: New York City; 1894

  • Census of NY 1855

    Author: Hough, Franklin B.
    Imprint: Charles Van Benthuysen: Albany, NY; 1857

  • Holy Bible

    Author: Church of England
    Imprint: Church of England: London; 1847

  • Railroad Jubilee

    Author: City Council of Boston
    Imprint: City Council of Boston: Boston; 1852