Seward Family List of Books - By Publisher

  • Letters From England

    Author: Espriella, Don Manuel Alvarez
    Imprint: David Longworth: New York City; 1808

  • Spread-Eagleism

    Author: Train, George Francis
    Imprint: Derby & Jackson: New York City; 1859

  • Minister's Wooing

    Author: Stowe, Harriet Beecher
    Imprint: Derby and Jackson: New York City; 1859

  • Rational Psychology

    Author: Hickok, Laurens P.
    Imprint: Derby, Miller & Company: Auburn, NY; 1849

  • Potipher Papers

    Author: Curtis, George William
    Imprint: Dix, Edwards & Co.: New York City; 1856

  • Book of Common Prayer

    Author: Protestant Episcopal Church
    Imprint: E. Bliss & E. White: New York City; 1823

  • Redwood; a Tale

    Author: Sedgwick, Catharine Maria
    Imprint: E. Bliss and E. White: New York City; 1824