Seward Family List of Books - By Publisher

  • Shirley. A Tale

    Author: Bronte, Charlotte
    Imprint: Smith, Elder and Co.: London; 1875

  • Poems

    Author: Coe, Richard
    Imprint: Smith, English & Co.: Philadelphia; 1862

  • Young Parson

    Author: Davis, Peter Seibert
    Imprint: Smith, English & Co.: Philadelphia; 1864

  • Healing of the Nations

    Author: Linton, Charles
    Imprint: Society for the Diffusion of Spiritual Knowledge: New York City; 1855

  • Book of Common Prayer

    Author: Protestant Episcopal Church
    Imprint: Stanford and Swords: New York City; 1853

  • Cultivator

    Author: Buel, J.
    Imprint: Steam Press of Packard, Van Benthuysen & Co.: Albany, NY; 1838-9

  • Pickwick Papers

    Author: Dickens, Charles
    Imprint: T. B. Peterson & Brothers: Philadelphia; n.d.

  • Jemmy's Journey

    Author: Anonymous
    Imprint: T. H. Carter and Company: Boston; ca 1845

  • Woman's Ransom

    Author: Robinson, Frederick William
    Imprint: T. O. H. P. Burnham: Boston; 1864

  • Leaves of Grass

    Author: Whitman, Walt
    Imprint: Thayer and Eldridge: Boston; 1860-1861

  • Schiller Gallery

    Author: Schiller Gallery
    Imprint: Theo. Stroefer: New York City; Unknown

  • The Man of Feeling

    Author: Mackenzie, Henry
    Imprint: Thomas Collier: Litchfield, Connecticut; 1790

  • The Corsair

    Author: Byron, George
    Imprint: Thomas Davison, Whitefriars: London; 1814