Letter from William Henry Seward to Samuel Sweezey Seward, August 5, 1824

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Letter from William Henry Seward to Samuel Sweezey Seward, August 5, 1824



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Letter from William Henry Seward to Samuel Sweezey Seward, August 5, 1824

action: sent

sender: William Seward
Birth: 1801-05-16  Death: 1872-10-10

location: Auburn, NY

receiver: Samuel Seward
Birth: 1768-12-05  Death: 1849-08-24

location: Florida, NY

transcription: msr 

revision: crb 2016-12-14

Page 1

Auburn August 5th. 1824
My Dear Father
Yours of the 26th Ult. came to me last evening. I regret
very much the disappointment occasioned by the countermand of
the notice of our
Birth: 1805-09-24 Death: 1865-06-21
intended visit but can truly say that it was occasion-
ed by circumstances equally foreign to myself and beyond my
control. I perhaps felt the disappointment as keenly as became me
but found it useless to vent expressions of chagrin towards those who
had rather unfeelingly sported with my benevolent wishes upon that
subject. I perceive that in one fact you mistook me in my
former communications. It was not my intention against the
consent or approbation of Judge M
Birth: 1772-04-11 Death: 1851-11-13
-to take his daughter to
your house. Situated as matters then were and now are it would
have been a desirable thing and he would have been and still
is highly in favour of her visit to Orange County. And in no
case should I have so far mistaken the obligations I owe to him
or you as to have abused the confidence of the one or the
other. However as matters seem to be more favourable with
the Parties concerned I wish them a “happy issue out of all
their domestic difficulties” and intend to leave them to the
labour of extricating themselves.
One word about your affairs with Westcott
Birth: 1769 Death: 1842-04-26
& Co.
In the suit against him he has for delay plead the General
Issue. The cause I have therefore noticed for the next Circuit Court
in this County on the 2nd Tuesday in September at which time
as no defence can be made I will take a verdict, enter up
Judgement in October and issue execution at once-But in order
safely to proceed to trial-it will be necessary to have the Bond
Page 2

here in Court. There can be no danger in sending it because in the
first place you have the mortgage, in the next place if by possibility
it should be lost I have a Copy of it with which I could (the original
being lost) Safely proceed to trial and recover against both ^all^ the
obligors as surely as if the Bond were to be produced. You will
therefore run no risk in sending it and I would suggest that you
enclose it directed to me put it into the Post Office in the presence
of some Witness who if it should be lost can testify to the fact.
You can retain a copy of it-and in my humble judgement
it will be more safe in the mail than some of your Bonds
which I have seen in Ogden Hoffman’s
Birth: 1793-05-03 Death: 1856-05-01
big pocket book.
On the envelope of the letter direct via Albany -and I
will punctually inform you of its arrival. Send me also
your calculation of interest due.
In the suit vs The Administrators of Wickham
Birth: 1772 Death: 1845-11-16
they have
given me notice of an application to change the venue to
Orange County & stated in their affidavit their intention
to plead that they have fully administered-The Affidavits
are very bunglingly drawn and I resist the motion, if
the Court shall decide that the Affidavit is defective I
shall be able to enter their Default and fasten a Judgement
upon them before they can get an Order to stay proceedings.
If I should fail in this I will take your advice whether
it is best to take Judgement on the Assets in futuro by which
we will save ourselves from paying costs or standing them
a trial to see whether they can support their plea.
The Chancery cause is progressing. I have proceeded to take the
Bill pro confesso and shall have a decree in September
Page 3

for a sale of the mortgaged premises, the sale will be to be
advertised six weeks and then we shall be able to make out
a clear and good title to the Secured to yourself or to any
So much as to business-a more interesting sub-
ject is the prospect of my m— I dare hardly use so large
a word. On that score I trust there will be no disap-
pointment and that important business settled we shall
appear in duty to receive your benediction. We join
in praying a restoration of your health and hope that
your stay at the Springs will effect it. It will be out
of our power to meet you there. I shall have to attend
the Circuits in this County, in Tompkins & Seneca
and they all come in September.
In Politics I have taken a last farewell of [ all ]



Albany Suits and sink or swim hereafter with the
People. So I held myself in common honesty bound to
do. I have suffered some vilification in consequence of
it but it is past now. What is your opinion of the
Utica Convention. If they do not get an overweening
set of Clintonians
Birth: 1769-03-02 Death: 1828-02-11
there I am well assured that the
Candidates then to be nominated will succeed in this
part of the State. The Legislature has disgraced the State
so deeply that if there is any intelligence in the great
map of the Community they will rise indignantly in
the assertion of their rights. Judge M. & family
Birth: 1803-11-01 Death: 1875-10-03
join in their remembrance to you-Grandmother
Birth: 1742-06-02 Death: 1831-10-21
rejoices to see
you on the side of the People and almost imagines you a Federalist of
ninety eight-my love to all W.H.S.
Page 4

Saml. S. Seward Esq
Post Master
Orange Co
Hand Shiftx

Samuel Seward

Birth: 1768-12-05 Death: 1849-08-24
Wm H Sewards
S.S. Sewards
Letter 5 Aug 1824
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warding the Bond