Letter from Louisa Cornelia Seward Canfield to Frances Miller Seward, July 9, 1825

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Letter from Louisa Cornelia Canfield to Frances Miller Seward, July 9, 1825



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Letter from Louisa Cornelia Canfield to Frances Miller Seward, July 9, 1825

action: sent

sender: Louisa Canfield
Birth: 1805  Death: 1839-01-04

location: Florida, NY

receiver: Frances Seward
Birth: 1805-09-24  Death: 1865-06-21

location: Auburn, NY

transcription: keh 

revision: crb 2016-02-01

Page 1

Florida July 9th

Editorial Note

The archivist dated this letter as 1827, but the recipient's clerical on p 4 says 1825 and the internal evidence of the letter is that it predates LCC's marriage in April 1827.

My dear Sister
I have been to Church twice
today – & had no nap beside I have got
the tooth ache a little which makes me
feel rather ill-natured, but I suppose you
feel a little curious to know how I got
along in company with Parson Sitgreaves
Birth: 1798 Death: 1832-08-12

and Anne
 Death: 1854-03-04
. After weI left you I felt rather
sober minded we took in Mr & Mrs S & a Mr
Mrs Payne
at Hudsons the two latter made
love all the way which shocked Mr S much
there was not much talking done except now
& then a solitary question to Anne or myself
mine were answered with fear & trembling for
I was & am now more than ever afraid of Mr S
we breakfasted at Marcellus after which
Mr S express'd his opinion very freely of

[left Margin] Monday Morn –
Ma says Henry has certainly had the measles
Gen Wickham
Birth: 1772 Death: 1845-11-16
& Fred Betts
Birth: 1803-07-02 Death: 1879-10-12
were not here to tea yesterday Fred changed his mind
write me soon if you please
yours affectionately

Page 2

Birth: 1785-03-03 Death: 1857-03-19
& Finney
Birth: 1792-08-29 Death: 1875-08-16
& finally of all the Presbyte-
rians. I encouraged him & afterwards told Mrs
S that I was a Presbyterian – she told him
he blushed very much & made a great many
apologies – he told us the history of the Iron Mask
which was very entertaining we stop'd at Onon-
daga hill
to change horses mrs S went up-
stairs to rest her a moment & was admiring
the clean white counterpane before she lay down
when lo we found a number of bugs in the
nook we dined at dirty house where they were
making preparations for the 4th we reached
Utica at 7 oclock with ^out^ accident delay or other
inconvenience except excessive fatigue the stage
had 14 passengers inside and out – we used all
speed in getting on Board the Canal Boat
where we tea'd on Lemonade & some very nice cake
Mrs S had in prefrence to going to a public
house it was very dusty before we reached Utica
we had a strange mixture of people for company
& Bed bugs with ^out^ number I need not enter into a detail
of the horrors of a canal Boat we dragged out
a long tedious day. I contrasted it with the comfort
you were alll enjoying at Lollas
reached S– at
1/2 past 9 the Band seronaded us ^up landing^ which the first in-
timation we had that anyone remembered
Freedoms Jubilee
Page 3

Mr S was exceeding kind to me even to inquiring
if the bugs annoyed me we left Schenectady at 5 in
the morning atBreakfastad at Albany and took the Steam
Boat Richmond at 9. We haad all the canal diggers
who had been to the city to keep the 4th on Board and
all the children in Rensellare Co 5 belonging to
John Livingston
of course you must infer we had
a pleasant sail one of the passengers a dirty looking
Frenchman troubled our party or rather Mr S as he did
not choose to have us looked upon he took me for some-
one of his acquaintance & after making up to us a great
many times we could not help looking after him Mr
S said very seriously Anne why do you stare at that man
so much – it encourages him so much – nobody would
do it but Anne – he is very tender of Anne's feelings she is very
independent & teases him a great deal you would be amazed
to heaer her contradict him. I had the hip all day Wed. I did not
see anyone to put me ashore at N.B. and I felt badly but was
well provided for in Col. Brett
from N.Y
he landed me & saw me in the stage safe the
next morning for home. I found a Southern
Gentleman in the stage going to Warwick who was ta[ lking to ]


Reason: hole

my Beau all along the way home you must think he got very
sociable. I reached home at 2 oclock found all well very glad
to see ^me^ altho entering unexpected – little Freddy
Birth: 1827 Death: 1829Certainty: Possible
spent the afternoon
with us & was fixing to stay the evening when I proposed to him
to go up to Mr C
Birth: 1798-11-26 Death: 1865-01-05Certainty: Possible
– we made a clall & when we came out to
come home the steps in front of the house gave way & brought Mr C.
Fred & myself to the ground I hurt my ancle but did not feel it much
for it had awakened Freds feelings & he made so eloquent an appeal
to mine that I did not finds out that I had hurt myself until
after he had told me he should not come again when I could not
walk a step without screaming. I bathed my ancle & went to bed
next morning I could not walk atall but it has got most well
now I am able to walk & have got the house swept & garnished
& am ready to see you – we have had company every day
since I came home. Papa
Birth: 1768-12-05 Death: 1849-08-24
& ma
Birth: 1769-11-27 Death: 1844-12-11
got home on SMonday Eve had
been to see N. Cooper
. Marcia
Birth: 1794-07-23 Death: 1839-10-25
has gone to Owego – nothing new
or strange in Florida it is so lonely I do not know what
to do with myself I wish you would come down & stay with
me a while my love to grandma
Birth: 1751 Death: 1835-10-03
Birth: 1801-05-16 Death: 1872-10-10
& Audnt Clara
Birth: 1793-05-01 Death: 1862-09-05
Birth: 1803-11-01 Death: 1875-10-03
Birth: 1805 Death: 1884-01-19

and all friends.
Page 4

Mrs Wm H. Seward
Cayuga Co
July 10 th


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Frances Seward

Birth: 1805-09-24 Death: 1865-06-21
Cornelia Seward