Letter from Alvah H. Worden to William Henry Seward, January 13, 1832

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Letter from Alvah H. Worden to William Henry Seward, January 13, 1832



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Letter from Alvah H. Worden to William Henry Seward, January 13, 1832

action: sent

sender: Alvah Worden
Birth: 1797-03-06  Death: 1856-02-16

location: Auburn, NY

receiver: William Seward
Birth: 1801-05-16  Death: 1872-10-10

location: Albany, NY

transcription: ekk 

revision: crb 2016-03-15

Page 1

Auburn January 13. 1832
Dear Sir
I intended before this to have given you a history of our convention which was
uncommonly large there being present 248 delegates. Browns
address was
good and it is publishing in pamphlets. 2000 copies were ordered by the con-
vention. The blessed spirit was active and there seemed to be no la ^c^ k of reso-
lution, on the part of those attending the convention, I think the convention
will have an influence in our County – I sent you Skinners
Birth: 1791-06-07 Death: 1880-03-22
papers for
the two or three weeks past and will send it to you regularly for the
future – you are chairman of the Central Committe appointed at the
Convention – and the others are Cook
Birth: 1799-05-24 Death: 1881-10-23
, Hardenburgh
Birth: 1798 Death: 1862-06-11
, Skinner
Birth: 1795-05-23 Death: 1854-07-29
, & Leonard
Birth: 1809-11-29 Death: 1846-03-30

I think by beginning our campaign early we can carry the coming Election
and I do sincerely believe one means most likely to help us to success is
the distribution more exclusively of Skinners paper, there are but from
7- to- 800 circulated in the County while the Patriot circulates 1200
and I hold that all political parties increase in proportion to the
increase of the circulation of these political Journals – I wish you
would draw up a circular to the several Town Committees to
be signed by the Central Committe – urging upon them the neces-
ity of procuring subscribers for the paper and also the necesity
of placing the paper in the hands of as many as can be in-
duced to read it – this will create a simultaneous movement
throughout the County – and be the means as I hope of putting
weekly the paper into the hands of from 3. to 500 more than now
see it – We have got into the 9 hells
Author: Dante Alighieri Publisher: Cassell, Petter, Galpin & Co. Place of Publication:New York City Date: unknown
and we must have a boost
to get us out of it some such movement might effect it and
besides it would save us a great expence in printing — I
have been talking to our friends about it and all agree that
it is important to get a more exlusive circulation for
Page 2

the paper – I think a circular addressed by the Central Committe to the
different Town Committees would go far to aid such an object if you draw
one perhaps you had better address it to Hardenburgh or to Cook – if
we can get a general movement in favor of the thing 500 more papers
may be circulated and you may be assured that every paper will make
somewhere or other a Vote – if some half dozen would undertake
to haul through the County, and get subscribers it might be better
something in my opinion ought to be done and I hope you will
suggest some plan for effecting this object.
The Masons have put Cady
Birth: 1776-04-13 Death: 1835-04-19
up to denying thes crush
of the charge contained in the communication signed Justice I have
procured a certificate of which the following is a copy which shall be
published next week
"We the subscribers do hereby certify that we have read the
"publication signed Justice
which was contained in the Cayuga Republi-
can of the Nov 30. 18 relating to the declarations said to be made by Elias
Cady of Brutus. We further certify that we were present at the conversation
refered to in that publication, and heard the declarations of the said Cady
and that the statement of Mr Cadys declarations contained in the said
publication is substantially correct according to our recollection and belief
signed Jacob Shelden
Birth: 1790-08-27 Death: 1860-07-18
A Underwood
Birth: 1791-12-22 Death: 1846-06-23
. Daniel Toms. Sylvester Shelden
Birth: 1780 Death: 1861

There is no movement among the Clay
Birth: 1777-04-12 Death: 1852-06-29
and I strongly believe that it is best to let the Clay men run their ticket
in this County and perhaps in the state, there is that kind of madness
governing the operations of the Clay men that must lead to destruc-
tion, and the attempt on our part to assist the operation of that
madness, will not prevent the final catastrophe although
it may delay it. — The Clay masons will not separate in this
County from the Jackson Masons and here if no Clay ticket
is run they go -Entire
Page 3

I received the Books by Lewis
, and for the present I do not want
any other books, except the Chancery Rules
 Publisher: Published by William Gould ... and David Banks ..., New-York, Place of Publication:Albany, NY Date: 1824
. I intend to be admitted
as Solicitor when I am admitted as attorney and can prepare
myself without the rules, although much of the practice is con-
tained in them — I commenced studying in Decr 1829. I
suppose I am entitled to admission in October next or may-
be in Aug July – if the practice is that the terms of examina-
tion is included, and the commencement in Vacation relates
back to the preceding term, I shall be entitled to examina-
tion in July – I sent you last Winter a certificate of Com-
mencement of clerkship to procure an order that it be filed
Nuct pro tunct

Editorial Note

He may have meant “nunc pro tunc”, which translates as “now for then”.
. I suppose you have not got it with you
and perhaps I had better get another
or wait until I am exd
T. Wood
Birth: 1798-10-06 Death: 1839-02-20
wants Gold
Birth: 1772 Death: 1846-01-20
to send
him the 6th Vol Wendels Reports
Author: John Wendell Place of Publication:New York, NY Date: 1828-1841
& the
2 Vol of Paiges
 Publisher: Gould & Banks Place of Publication:New York, NY Date: 1830-1848
if it is out. I think
I shall be able to buy Woods
 Publisher: Printed by His Majesty's law-printers, for J. Worrall Place of Publication:London Date: 1770
Author: Esek Cowen Place of Publication:New York, NY Date: 1823-1828
& Wendells
Reports – I want no other, State Reports and few other
books – I have a very good selection of Law Books
Please mention to Gould to send the Books to
This letter has been written a week and I have been so busy
that I have forgotten to send it. I now add the occurrences of that week
our court of Common Pleas has been sitting the last week and is adjourned
over untill Monday. Old Jo
Birth: 1776-06-05 Death: 1853-04
has set his face against me during the whole
term refused every motion I have made with Costs– and decided that a pla
special demurrer
To linger; to stay • To delay; to pause; to suspend proceedings in view of a doubt or difficulty • In law, to raise an objection in any point of the hearings • To doubt of •
is within the rule. an issueable plea, although the de-
fendant was under stipulation to plead issueably & take that motion of trial
& then put in a special demurrer
To linger; to stay • To delay; to pause; to suspend proceedings in view of a doubt or difficulty • In law, to raise an objection in any point of the hearings • To doubt of •
– I took exception to his opinion
Page 4

in my first cause and he refuses time to settle the bill and I expect he
will not sign the bill - with a true statement of the of the case. – John Porter
Birth: 1790-10-24 Death: 1874-02-03
to be first Judge of this County and I think he might be appointed. it surely
is an object to all who expect to practise law to get Jo. off the Bench – I had a
long talk with John about the office and he would take it but would not re-
sign his office of surrogate – our anti masons would all sign a Petition for John
to be appointed — I think there would be an advantage to us growing out of
John's appointment. he would make a better Judge than Richardson, and the
appointment would not be so well received among the Republicans, hes is not
popular with the scumthat is now a top in this county – he is disliked by
Birth: 1793-04-12 Death: 1854-02-23
by Dick Smith
Birth: 1791 Death: 1838-09-06
and the old chestonian masons, - they would not
like the appointment as well as they would that of Richardson because he
is not a mason and as you know an unpopular man with the people
we should grow in these respects – get a better Judge and an appointment
which the party would dislike – John is anxious to be appointed and went
so far as to ask me whether you would oppose his nomination appoint-
ment if nominated — it is as far as I can gather the opinion of our friends
that the appointment of John would be preferable to that of Jo on all accounts
I think the Jurists have not decided upon the appointment of anyone & I
think Throop
Birth: 1784-08-21 Death: 1874-11-01
would nominate John if some of our leading anti ma-
sons should sign a Petition to that purport
Jo. discharged the ^Fencer^ Rioters without suffering the cause
to go to the Jury although in my belief the evidence was sufficient to have
convicted them – so thinks Spencer
Birth: 1790-05-13 Death: 1857-04-25Certainty: Possible
, it was a high handed business, – I intend to get
from Spencer his minutes of the trial, and publish the testimony if it shall be
deemed advisable – Davis
^one of the Rioters^ was convicted of an assault and battery Jo will
not sentence him at this term – and a motion is now pending before the
court for an arrest of judgment for an imperfection in the indictment. The Mo-
tion will undoubtedly be heard & granted — ^ Motion denied – Davis fined $5 the most prudent court ^
The Common pleas have appointed R.L. Smith District
attorney– John Porter was first formally appointed – then & refused. then George
B. Throop who declined the honor and then the high Priest – what a farce!
John Porter has expressed his disgust at the appointment – I will endeavor
to serve up a dish for the next Republican out of this business.
Page 5

I am convinced all is not right in the party at home. the appointments
made are evidently dictated by George and the good sense of the wiser and discreter portion
of the party is opposed to them. The nomination of Bostwick
Birth: 1801-08-08 Death: 1853-07-06
is unpopular, he is
a drunkard and in every sense objectionable – The appointment of Dick is an evidence
that the influence of Fine masonry
A man whose occupation is to lay bricks and stones • A member of the fraternity of the free masons •
in this county is considered all important to the
Throop faction –
The schism between the Argus & Courier and Enquirer is now so wide
that all hopes of healing it must be at an end – and it strikes me the Courier
does not show its whole hand, that its professions of attachment to Van B.
Birth: 1782-12-05 Death: 1862-07-24
only feigned, and assumed only to draw to their side of the faction a greater
portion of the Republicans – I am inclined to think from letter – which is
as I take published by design – that the real intention is to go for Root
Birth: 1773-03-16 Death: 1846-12-24
for next Gov-
ernor if so I think the pr ^e^ dominance of the Anti Regency faction would be more
to our injury that the predominancy of the others. Gen Root has a strong hold upon
the affections of the People and Jackson
Birth: 1767-03-15 Death: 1845-06-08
& Root is the only combination of names
which in my opinion can carry the State at the next Election against Granger
Birth: 1792-12-01 Death: 1868-08-31

and anti Masonry – our interests require the nomination of Throop as the weak-
est and most unpopular man – and as identified with the Regency – the Courier
and Enquirer faction will not go Throop – but Throops faction will go anything
and if Root should be nominated at the next Herkimer Convention – the Argus
will call it the fair expression of the Republican party – and change his note
and tone entirely – The working men made an impression favorable towards
Gen Root in the minds of many who have no feelings in Common with the ^Regency^ fac-
tion – My fears are that Root will be the candidate of the Herkimer Conven-
tion and that The Throop faction will be swallowed up in the tide of pop-
lar feelings that will sit in for the old Delaware — if we cannot under
such a view of the political field safely undertake to belittle Enos with
the People – as it only would serve to remove him as an obstacle towards the
Nomination of Root and render the triumph of the Root party the easier-
As to Livingston
Birth: 1779-11-24 Death: 1843-11-03
- I do not believe there would be any fears
he is no stronger than Throop and I cannot seriously believe that the
real design is to bring him forward as a candidate.
I understand our party affairs are not kept up snug in On-

and that some leading men have said they must go for Clay – cannot
something be done there? They do not understand as it appears what they
ought to be at?
Page 6

Birth: 1806 Death: 1882-12-07
is here and half proposes to open a law office with me – I don't
know whether it would be of any use to me Burges as I take it is not
a good lawyer nor will he ever make one – he has no library and mine is
a tolerable fair one and I suppose he would divide the business with me
let me know what you think of it.
My clerkship commenced in the 4h Decr 1829. Could I not get an order
by some hook or crook to be examined in Utica in July next. If I could
I would not form any connection with any one – if in counting the 12
terms they allow the one in which they are examined – and the one
in which vacation the clerkship was commenced – I should have 12
terms in July – I have had no intermission or vacation but have con-
tinued studying since I commenced, perhaps Judge Savage
Birth: 1779-02-22 Death: 1863-10-19
who I
understand is willing to help – those who have begun late to admission
would allow an order that I be examined in July – and as I think
I am entitled to an examination then – one term is more of an object
now than to open would be should I commence if I was 20 years old.
If you think there would be any advantage either to Burges or myself from
forming a connection now in the law ^business^ please write to me – The library I have is
as good as is generally found & consists
Salkelds Reports 3. Vol Buller on trials
 Publisher: I. Riley and co. law-booksellers Place of Publication:New York, NY Date: 1806

Term Reports
 Publisher: Printed for J. Butterworth and Son Place of Publication:London Date: 1805-1818
8““Nisi Prius
 Publisher: I. Riley and co. law-booksellers Place of Publication:New York, NY Date: 1806

Campbel Reports 2“ Rob. on Frauds
Cruises digest
Author: William Cruise Publisher: Collins & Hannay Place of Publication:New York, NY Date: 1827
5“ Espinasse Nisi Prius
Author: Isaac Espinasse Publisher: Banks and Gould Place of Publication:New York, NY Date: 1811

Burrows Reports 5“ Binneys Reports
Author: Horace Binney Publisher: William P. Farrand and Co. Place of Publication:Philadelphia, PA Date: 1809-1815

Modern Reports
 Publisher: G. G. J. and J. Robinson Place of Publication:London Date: 1793-1796
12“ Amr Digest
Cowpers Reports Entire Wentworths Pleading
20 Vols Various Works Revised Laws of 1813 and most of the old statutes
of this state
6 Johnn Reports

Editorial Note

Could be either this book or another
Author: John Johnson Publisher: William & Joseph Neal Place of Publication:Baltimore, MD Date: 1830
Digest 1 Vol “ Chy Reports
 Publisher: Published by E.F. Backus, State-street. Van Winkle & Wiley, printers Place of Publication:Albany, NY Date: (1816-1824)
6 Tidds Practice
Paine & Duers
Moulton Chy Pr.
Author: Joseph White Moulton Publisher: O. Halsted Place of Publication:New York, NY Date: 1829

Am Digest
Phillips Evidence
with Cowen and Wendells Reports &
the Rev Statutes, I should have a li-
brary that would be pretty fair &
I need not be at any great expence
for other books. I suppose Burges can-
not command any business and as I
think he has not much talent.
I have some doubts whether any
steps of that kind at this time would be
of advantage. I am as eager
as a boy to be admitted and I count
every day that intervenes with as much
anxiety as would a prisoner on
S.P thcount the days that are to inter-
vene before his discharge
Page 7

The addresses published of our County procedings will be ready to send out in a
a few days — I will send you 50 or 100 Copies If I have an opportunity
Birth: 1826-12-12 Death: 1909-08-24
has been sick but is better – we have heard nothing
from you since the 15th inst
There are some provisions in the law abolishing impris-
onment for debt which so far as relates to Justices Courts ought to be amended
and I intended to have pointed them out to you, thos but I am at the house
and have not the statute – they relate to assaling attachments against
non residents – or attachments the favor of ^against^ non Residents I do not recollect
which ^Sec. 33. page 403. Series of 31. there is nothing said about any oath or proof that he is non resident and the Jus-
tice must run the
risque of an action
for false imprison-
ment – if the defen-
dent is a nonres-
ident – and he is not
authorised to take
affidavit of the fact^

Editorial Note

Part of this sentence appears in the margins on pages 6 and 7.

I am desired by the Corporation of our Village to draft a law
for the Amendment of our Village Charter – and I wish you could send
me the a copy of the bill now before the senate for the incorporation of
the city of Ithica.
Yours Truly
[ It ]


Reason: wax-seal
is said that Booley
is a defa has purloined consider-
[ able ]


Reason: wax-seal
amount of money from the State, it is Town talk
I know nothing about the facts
This letter hangs on wonderfully and new matter accumulates on my hand, I hope now to dis-
patch this letter. I went into the Post Office this morning and saw in my box a letter sealed
with black sealing wax – saw it was directed to Lazette
Birth: 1803-11-01 Death: 1875-10-03
in Fannys hand writing – the clerk
in the office handed forth the epistle
A writing directed or sent, communicating intellegence to a distant person; a letter •
with a most dolorous Phir. I supposed of course at
least a senator was defunct – and I assure you as I looked upon the epistle
A writing directed or sent, communicating intellegence to a distant person; a letter •
I really
believed death had been doing its evil work among you – to carry the Letter to Lazette I dare
not – the conviction that some of you were dead grew stronger – the Post office clerk stood
with mouth agape expecting to hear the convictions he also felt confirmed – I broke the
seal – looked at the end of the epistle
A writing directed or sent, communicating intellegence to a distant person; a letter •
– said it was from Fanny – supposed the whole
mes tale of woe was condensed in the postcript – cast my eye on that – and the
first sentence I there saw "How is Peters
Certainty: Possible
"? met my eye. thinks I to myself as stronger
enquiry looked a little further "How is Harriet
& Thomas
"–surely if Gus
Birth: 1826-10-01 Death: 1876-09-11
– or Fred
Birth: 1830-07-08 Death: 1915-04-25
or Sew-
Birth: 1801-05-16 Death: 1872-10-10
were either or all dead these would be strange enquiries — the blood in my veins
began to flow – who is dead most lamentably asked the Post Office clerk in I cast my
eye upon the commencement of the letter – read there that Fanny had recovered her
health and began to conclude that taking the beginning and end of the letter together
and judging from them it was pretty reasonable to conclude the middle told of no deaths
I put the letter in my pocket carried it to Lazette, she could not read it. she was sure you were
Page 8

some of you dead – you will therefore right write a letter and seal it with good old fashioned Red
Sealing wax to let us know whether there be in this epistle
A writing directed or sent, communicating intellegence to a distant person; a letter •
with the black seal any fatal intel-
igence. Lazette would be glad if the fashions are changing in relation to sealing way that
before you adopt them you will give intimation beforehand of your intentions and also what the
changes are.
Hon W. H. Seward
of the Senate
JAN 13


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William Seward

Birth: 1801-05-16 Death: 1872-10-10
Alvah Worden
13 January 1832.