Letter from Alvah H. Worden to William Henry Seward, February 20, 1832

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Letter from Alvah H. Worden to William Henry Seward, February 20, 1832



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Letter from Alvah H. Worden to William Henry Seward, February 20, 1832

action: sent

sender: Alvah Worden
Birth: 1797-03-06  Death: 1856-02-16

location: Auburn, NY

receiver: William Seward
Birth: 1801-05-16  Death: 1872-10-10

location: Albany, NY

transcription: msr 2015-12-01

revision: msr 2015-12-01


Page 1

Auburn Feby 20. 1832
Dear S,
There appears to be at this time little movement in the political field and
whether our friends are in any way active I cannot say. The Masonic party are
equally quiet and by common consent all parties are lying on their oars, whether
we gain ground or loose ground I am unable to say. I think there will be
little variation at the town elections from last year, or might I presume
carry the next board of supervisors if our friends in the different Towns
would be vigilant. I have not seen a man this year upon the subject
of politics and have not heard one word spoken upon the general
interests of Anti Masonry. It seems to me that matters are working
against us. perhaps I am apprehensive, but as things are to my view
we are losing ground. The Patriot circulates 1200 papers in this
County and the utmost vigilance is used in the part of the support-
ers of that journal to give it circulation. it is in the hands of every-
body that will read it – and it is edited with more ability than
it was ever before. Skinner
Birth: 1791-06-07 Death: 1880-03-22
circulates about 700 papers only and
the Reputation of his paper is low even among its friends – he takes
no pains to extend its circulation or to make it interesting to the
public. What little I have done for the paper by way of editorial
has been under most disadvantageous circumstances, and in
fact I ought not to continue to write for that paper unless it be
the wish and ^the^ understanding of our friends that I should do
so. Skinner has it appears confidence in me and in all
things yields to my opinion save where things affecting his re-
ligious prejudices come in question. he does not wish to have any
remarks appear in his paper on this subject.
There can be no doubt but in order to manage a party success-
fully we should guard against the folly of our friends as well
as against the cuts of our Enemies – and I must persist in decla-
ring that our last falls defeat was caused rather by indiscre-
tion among ourselves than otherwise. Our New Years Convention
was of that cast,Brown
Birth: 1790 Death: 1849-05-16
and Strong
Birth: 1809-07-18 Death: 1885-04-20
were put forth as the prom-
inent actors. Strong occupied all the afternoon in a speech to
the joy of all our oponents and the regret of our discrete friends
it will be so in our next Town Election and ^our^ defeat will prob-
ably be most signal. I do believe that by combining and exer-
Page 2

ting a proper influence we might suceede, but I doubt if this can
be done. I hope you will use your exertions to pass the bill amending the
charter of this village with all its provisions as sent down. Those relating
to vagrants and disorderly persons can be urged as necessary on account
of the number of this description of persons let loose upon the village from
the States Prison and as a general principle of policy, these provisions
are wise – as it relates to groceries the wish of all discrete people is that
the law should be so altered as to give this power to the Trustees. The con-
sequences of withholding licences has been pernicious and the reasons are
truly set forth in the memorial of the Trustees and of the Board of Excise
If the expression of a majority of the Trustees village is against this pro-
vision they have only to withhold their votes from such men for Trustees as
will grant licences in this way thus ^can^ remedy any evil growing out of the Law
if the Law ^in this respect^ shall be deemed by a majority of our village an evil. I have
heard it said today that Mr Granger
Birth: 1792-12-01 Death: 1868-08-31
has opposed a similar provis-
ion in the charter of Herkimer village. I really hope Mr Granger will
not oppose this provision in our charter and I think you can be able to
convince him if you see fit that the passing of this act as proposed can
not have any prejudicial effect upon the great interests of temperance
a very great degree of excitement is prevailing in this community in
relation to this question and the witholding on the part of the Legis-
lature of this power, from the Trustees will create an excitement in
the minds of many which will lead to no temperate results – you
can see enough into a millstone not to discern that Granger can
take a stand on this question that will make either for or against
us 200 votes in this County. Those asking the law rely upon you
and I am daily importuned to write you. I think we if this law
goes off well we can carry this town for Capt Warden
Birth: 1803-10-21 Death: 1861-03-22
or Cook
Birth: 1799-05-24 Death: 1881-10-23
Election — — Cook and I have said that if this law does
not pass we will grant licences – we are both convinced that
the good order of the village require these grocers to be licensed
I am not over anxious on the subject of Books
and perhaps it would be as well to want for them. Wood
Birth: 1798-10-06 Death: 1839-02-20

will sell his library down to Cowens
Birth: 1787-02-24 Death: 1844-02-11
Author: Esek Cowen Place of Publication:New York, NY Date: 1823-1828
at about 40 per cent
Page 3

discount. The Cowens Reports which he has belongs to Seneca
Birth: 1794 Death: 1859
and Sen-
eca does not want to sell them – his all Wendel
Birth: 1785-01-02 Death: 1861-12-19
Author: John Wendell Place of Publication:New York, NY Date: 1828-1841
are new and he
askes $5. a Volume for them. I do not think it best to think of buying
Woods library – with the exception of Cowen and Wendells Reports my
library is good enough.Beach
Birth: 1785 Death: 1839-08-08
says I can have it for three or four
years or until John
Birth: 1813-05-19 Death: 1856-07-26
is admitted. Whether I shall suceede in
getting any business in Auburn I cannot say but I think I shall
It prejudices me in being considered as the prominent
writer for the Republican and I have endeavored to keep in the back-
ground – our opponents appear to understand it better than our
friends – it does me no good. I get no business from Anti Masons
while my political oponents seem disposed to give it me. I must
stop scribbling for this print it is taking the bread out of my mouth
without the remote hope that it is cast upon the waters.
I think it will not be possible to buy Cowen & Wendels Reports
at much if anything less than the Bookstore price
G. Rathbone
Birth: 1802-10-16 Death: 1870-01-04
bot a few odd Volumes lately some-
what less. The 6 Vols of Wendell are in but few offices and have been
bot by none but want them they are generally connected with
large libraries and cannot be bought separate. I know of no
person that has these books. Williamsof Uticahad a library to sell
but he would not dispose of Wendel & Cowen at less than the
Bookstore price – something change may turn up in relation to
books and I am content to wait untill I shall be admitt-
ed. All well– Yours
Page 4

Hon W. H. Seward
of the Senate
FEB 23


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William Seward

Birth: 1801-05-16 Death: 1872-10-10
A Worden
Feb 20. 1832.