Letter from Frances Miller Seward to Lazette Miller Worden, January 3, 1837

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Letter from Frances Miller Seward to Lazette Miller Worden, January 3, 1837



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Letter from Frances Miller Seward to Lazette Miller Worden, January 3, 1837

action: sent

sender: Frances Seward
Birth: 1805-09-24  Death: 1865-06-21

location: Auburn, NY

receiver: Lazette Worden
Birth: 1803-11-01  Death: 1875-10-03

location: Canandaigua, NY

transcription: msr 

revision: crb 2017-03-17

Page 1

Tuesday morning 3d Jan
My Dearest Sister, I begin to feel uneasy about
you as you do not write I am afraid you are not
able to do so. Tell Worden
Birth: 1797-03-06 Death: 1856-02-16
I am very much obliged
to him for writing his note relieved me of a world
of anxiety though you were no better I was quite happy
then to be assured you were no worse. I am glad
you are not at Mrs Chase's
Birth: 1791 Death: 1862-10-14Certainty: Probable
this terribly cold day
the thermometer is 14 deg. below zero-the snow blowing
in every direction. I suppose you have heard of Mrs
 Death: 1836-12-30
death-it was very unexpected at last-you
know Saturlee
Birth: 1812-11-12 Death: 1890-04-09
said the evening before you left that she
was getting better-we heard nothing more until Friday
evening McLallen
Birth: 1791-09-07 Death: 1860-11-16
said he had seen them send the
carriage for Dr Porter
Birth: 1778-04-16 Death: 1843-06-14
and Mr Lucas
Birth: 1799 Death: 1839-08-25
in great haste. Saturday morning early Debby


to borrow mourning for the funeral. She called again
in the afternoon and Clara
Birth: 1793-05-01 Death: 1862-09-05
rode to Leonards with her
the house was converted into a milliners shop as is
too customary on such occasions. Mrs Jenning
 Death: 1886-04-10
& Mrs
Birth: 1794-01-12 Death: 1876-05-12
presided. Clara says Julia had altered very
little in her looks since she saw her last. Her death
was wholly unexpected by all save Capt. Worden
Birth: 1803-10-21 Death: 1861-03-22
-he said
that he had never expected her to recover. They perceived
no material change until about an hour before her death.
She was perfectly sensible and collected-told them they
had all been deceived about her situation-called the
children to her and told them they must be good children
—asked her friends if they ever saw anyone die so
easily and closed her eyes as in a quiet slumber.
McLallen attended the funeral at 2 oclock Sunday the day
was so bad that Clara did not go out-Dr Porter & Mr
Lucas did not arrive until after she expired-and I was
Page 2

told that Saturlee was not at home at the time.
Debby enjoys the importance of the occasion very
much the poor little baby
is given over wholly
to Lydia
Birth: 1811-02-27 Death: 1904-03-13
who I suppose is about as faithful a[ s ]


nurses usually are. Jane
Birth: 1810 Death: 1877-01-07
has been there most of the time
since Julia's death. Freddy
Birth: 1830-07-08 Death: 1915-04-25
says we had 17 calls yesterday
"if we count Mrs Dean
 Death: 1898
& Carlo" but I think he must
have included Grandpa's
Birth: 1772-04-11 Death: 1851-11-13
visitors also. I would gladly
have dispensed with any for as usual I had a violent
nervous headache. Tell Frances
Birth: 1826-12-12 Death: 1909-08-24
that Freddy had
some wine in a little bottle and his little wine glass
with some cake I personated 3 or four different characters
and made him as many different calls. When Mr
Birth: 1806-04-24 Death: 1875-06-19
called Freddy produced his little decanter and
glasses-he was much pleased that Mr Cheadell drank
some of his wine. Goodwin
Birth: 1807-11-26 Death: 1879-05-13
, Beardsley
Birth: 1807-05-30 Death: 1894-01-15
& Perry
Birth: 1782-09-25 Death: 1859-12-30Certainty: Probable
came together
Goodwin looked like a ghost. McLallen says he has
not recruited since election. Clary said he was
tipsy. Beardsley says his wife
Birth: 1808-09-10
does not know
how to stay there any longer without you-she is
very lonely and homesick this I have heard two or three
times before. When Maria
went back that day after
you left she said Mrs Chase came up crying and said
she was very sorry she did not see you before you went
away. Maria thought she was crying about that but I
fancy she had some other cause for her grief. Peter
has with great exertion succeeded in getting part of
the things home I will attend to the others when the
weather moderates-he is sick now & beside it is
too cold for anything. I have just received your
Sunday letter and am still laughing at your 'first
impressions'—Sherman Beardsley
Birth: 1785 Death: 1862-04-30
dined with us today
and I could not but think our table somewhat resembled
the one you described 4 different colours in company
with the ancient white tureen minus 2 handles
Well as Clary says we cannot eat dishes. I had made that
Page 3

discovery two two or three years ago taking tea at Kelloggs
x Birth: 1780-04-19  Death: 1836-05-04  Birth: 1786-03-22  Death:  

I am glad to hear you have good bread. I do think
it very essential to health. Blanch Fosgate
Birth: 1809 Death: 1887-09-11

says he has just discovered that there is no pleasure in
sleighriding-he intends taking the house in the Spring
is is tired of boarding-his wife
Birth: 1817 Death: 1891-07-28
is better. Mrs Dean
had been to see Mrs. Hills
Birth: 1790-10-15 Death: 1857-10-25Certainty: Probable
Birth: 1816-02-17 Death: 1897Certainty: Probable
was prepared for visits
but I cannot tell whether she had any. Mrs Hills was
very smooth-making everything very comfortable for Mrs
Dean-all is not gold that glitters you know. How fast
Deb did talk the other day she communicated more intelligence
in ten minutes than anyone else could in an hour
nothing important however-one thing answers her purpose
as well as another so she does but talk. Pa called at
Mrs Lucas' yesterday. Mrs Maria Miller
Birth: 1780-09-18 Death: 1850-03-09Certainty: Probable
gave hot
coffee. When McLallen called she had had but five
five visitors which was not very satisfactory after she
and Miss Talcott
Certainty: Probable
had spent so much time at the toilet.
Birth: 1791-04-30 Death: 1853-04-03
played Mayor-kept open house- a table with
a la mode beef, ham, tolinge tongue bread butter and pickles
wine &c—Martha
Birth: 1792-05-02 Death: 1866-01-14
and Jane
received in the parlour
with wine and New Year cakes-they did not exactly
know what to do but will know better next year
if Isaack should be re-elected. Clara says that one
sleigh load of men (loafers I should think) persisted
in calling upon Warren
Birth: 1806-07 Death: 1891
so many times that he was finally
obliged to quit the house to avoid his troublesome visitors.
quite funny that—There is a case of small pox in our
old office. I intend to have Cornelia
Birth: 1836-08-25 Death: 1837-01-14
vaccinated though
she is so goodnatured and playful I do not like to make
her sick. George Humphries
Birth: 1814-03-15 Death: 1885-06-09
returned from Chautauqua
Saturday-he brought me a letter from Henry
Birth: 1801-05-16 Death: 1872-10-10
the only one
I have received since you left-he thinks he will be able
to leave in about a fortnight. I think not so soon.
Sarah Andrews
Birth: 1811 Death: 1874
has spoiled a calico
Plain white cloth made from cotton, but which receives distinctive names based on quality and use • Printed cotton cloth •
dress for Clara and
gone home again. I shall expect to hear from you as often
Page 4

as once a week certainly. I have to go to the fire to warm my
fingers every ten minutes. Cornelia is laughing very loud because
Fred acts like a wild boy-he has commenced his lessons
again today. His Grandpa brought him a cake with an Indian
upon it yesterday which he and Erastus
Birth: 1827-04-16 Death: 1898-03-22Certainty: Possible
(who came to borrow
waffle irons) managed to break. Fred cried loud and Erastus
went home somewhat discomfited-be sure and take care of your-
self-do not think of going out while your cough continues.
If you see the papers you will notice Mrs Madison's
Birth: 1768-05-20 Death: 1849-07-12
reply to the
Birth: 1767-03-15 Death: 1845-06-08
letter of condolence-extracts from Burrs
Birth: 1756-02-06 Death: 1836-09-14
and Forrests
Birth: 1806-03-09 Death: 1872-12-12
unrivaled success in London these of the
most interesting articles I have seen-Kiss Frances
Your own sister
Mrs Alvah Worden


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Lazette Worden

Birth: 1803-11-01 Death: 1875-10-03
January 3—