Letter from Frances Miller Seward to Lazette Miller Worden, March 30, 1843

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Letter from Frances Miller Seward to Lazette Miller Worden, March 30, 1843



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Letter from Frances Miller Seward to Lazette Miller Worden, March 30, 1843

action: sent

sender: Frances Seward
Birth: 1805-09-24  Death: 1865-06-21

location: Auburn, NY

receiver: Lazette Worden
Birth: 1803-11-01  Death: 1875-10-03

location: Canandaigua, NY

transcription: bpt 

revision: crb 2018-07-09

Page 1

Thursday afternoon
My dear Sister,
You will think I have taken a strange
time to write when I tell you it is the hour
between the preparation for company and the
arrival of the guests and withal that I
have the headache – I write now because I
fear I may not have it in my power to write
tomorrow and it is time my letter was written –
We expect Mrs Beardsley
Birth: 1815-03-06 Death: 1854-07-16
her sisters
x Birth: 1811-09-11  Death: 1896-07-28  Birth: 1809-09-13  Death: 1893-01-01 
and some
few other ladies to tea – Clara
Birth: 1793-05-01 Death: 1862-09-05
and I went
out yesterday and invited them – we went in
the new omnibus – the snow drifts are
still as high in some places that we had not
courage to drive over them so we alighted
the driver had considerable difficulty in getting
along without us – After going to Mrs Beards-
leys we found them all at Mrs Porter
Birth: 1790-07-04 Death: 1870-04-11
to tea
So after we stopped at Mrs Throops
Birth: 1806-02-11 Death: 1872-06-17
to make

[top Margin] I am exceedingly anxious about Augustus
Birth: 1826-10-01 Death: 1876-09-11
fearing he
may be induced to cross the river to get home and this
cannot be safe –
Clara says I can tell you that her cloak remains at the
dyers yet – We have a pretty cally in flower
and Bob
 Death: 1844-01-25
serenades us every meal beside
singing all day –

Page 2

enquires about the Geneva school - Mrs Throop b
said that Montgomery
Birth: 1827-01-26 Death: 1892-09-11
had already been applied
to on that subject by Watts Sherman
Birth: 1809-02-22 Death: 1865-02-20
to whom
he had written in reply so I presumed the
x Birth: 1796-09-15  Death: 1881-06-28  Birth: 1783-04-13  Death: 1863-11-20 
had obtained all the necessary information
and ceased to prosecute my enquiries further –
Before we came home we went to see Maria
her child
who is sick with the whooping cough
She is now with Dean
 Death: 1898
living near the seminary
this is the second time she has changed her abode
this winter – Dean is obliged to give up her house
this week and did not seem to know they
were to go next – I think Maria has a pretty
hard time to get along – I have kept her in
fire wood – she works for her board. Last week
the child was very sick, Maria was afraid it would
die and came down in great trouble – I prescribed
[ epecach ]

Alternate Text

Alternate Text: ipecac
and onion draughts for the feet – it
is better now but does not seem to have clothes
enough to make it comfortable – I must see to that –
Christopher Morgan
Birth: 1808-06-04 Death: 1877-04-03
has been here to dinner two days
Page 3

in succession – I did not see him to day – They
were detained in Albany four days by the storm
and all staid at Weeds
Birth: 1797-11-15 Death: 1882-11-22
Mrs Pitney
Birth: 1797-12-04 Death: 1862-05-06
& all – Mary
Birth: 1813-02-16 Death: 1893-10-14

said she felt very unpleasantly about it – They are
visited here to night – The Dr
who is a kind father
went out to Aurora over all the snow drifts to
bring Mary's babe
Birth: 1835-10-04 Death: 1895-01-27
here before her arrival – this poor
man upset two or three times, on his journey
going and returning – I presume the roads are nearly
impassable – Henry
Birth: 1801-05-16 Death: 1872-10-10
has concluded to write to Dr Munn
Birth: 1804-04-07 Death: 1847-12-12

to come and see Willie
Birth: 1839-06-18 Death: 1920-04-29
whose eyes are getting worse
daily – he can hardly see to find his way across
the room – his extraordinary patience surprises us all
dear little boy – it is hard to be in such constant
darkness – yet he is generally cheerful and though
he lies upon his face hours together seldom complains –
We hear no more from N.Y. so nothing is known about
the picture affair – the artists have in this been apprised
of the difficulty and will not come without the
consent of the Common Council to the previous arrangement
I will leave a piece of my letter for tomorrow – Pa
Birth: 1772-04-11 Death: 1851-11-13

went yesterday to Seneca Falls – Friday afternoon.
A beautiful business it was – My head continued to
ache violently until our company came at which time
I just began to experience exceeding nausea – the room
was very warm – I managed to receive most of our
guests when a sudden faintness was added to my
other ailments and I made a precipitate retreat –
for half an hour I was very much distressed – Henry
came out opened a window and deluged me with camp
hor – then Clara came and then she called Mrs Porter
they all undressed me and covered me up in bed, sent
Page 4

for Dr Robinson
Birth: 1804-02-04 Death: 1889-07-28
– In the mean time Mrs Hills
Birth: 1796 Death: 1863-04-22
came out and
dispatched Eleazer
Birth: 1785-11-04 Death: 1856-09-25
for her medicine box when she gave
me a homeopathic dose of some kind which soon
relieved the nausea – my hands and feet which were numb
were restored to sensitivity by rubbing – then the Dr came
gave me something for my head which however continued to
ache all night – The Dr said it was an affection of the
nerves (which Mrs Hills had said before) caused by over
exertion at a time when I was ^already^ suffering with a nervous
headache – I presume this was the case as I am relieved
to day except a dull head ache and pain in my back –
I was very sorry as I would have preferred 2 or 3 days sickness
at another time – but I am thankful to be as well as I am
to day – Every person came invited, except N. Beardsley
Birth: 1807-05-30 Death: 1894-01-15

beside those mentioned were Mr
Birth: 1807-11-26 Death: 1879-05-13
& Mrs Goodwin
Birth: 1808-09-10
Birth: 1797-02-19 Death: 1845-10-06
& Mrs
Birth: 1809-05-01 Death: 1845-09-28
– Mary Morgan came after I left the room

Mrs Alvah Worden


Type: postmark

[right Margin] attired in blue black velvet – (Harriet
Birth: 1807 Death: 1888-08-20
and Billy
Birth: 1830

carried tea) – I believed they enjoyed themselves as
were all over the house and remained until
after 11 oclock – I have been in bed part of the
day – shall be well tomorrow –