Letter from Frances Miller Seward to Lazette Miller Worden, May 21, 1843

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Letter from Frances Miller Seward to Lazette Miller Worden, May 21, 1843



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Letter from Frances Miller Seward to Lazette Miller Worden, May 21, 1843

action: sent

sender: Frances Seward
Birth: 1805-09-24  Death: 1865-06-21

location: Auburn, NY

receiver: Lazette Worden
Birth: 1803-11-01  Death: 1875-10-03

location: Canandaigua, NY

transcription: mmh 

revision: crb 2018-07-10

Page 1

Sunday afternoon
My dear Sister,
Sunday has come again without any
material alteration in our family — no rain has come
yet to moisten the earth — the new trees and shrubs
hang their heads — the seeds do not make their appearance
above ground — I feel melancholy as it is my boy’s
Birth: 1826-10-01 Death: 1876-09-11
Sunday at home in two years — how little we can
imagine of what 2 years will bring forth — How often
we have occasion to feel that this “blindness to the future”
is “kindly given” — Lounsbury
 Death: 1843-05-18
was buried to day
with unusual pageantry — he died very suddenly
Tuesday ^Thursday^ morning — was supposed to have ruptured a
blood vessel — he was talking with his wife
Birth: 1809-07-24 Death: 1864-12-01
moment before he died and ceased breathing before
she could call any one into the room — There have been
various surmises about his being really dead — many
experiments were tried to rescusitate him which proved
ineffectual so after keeping him not quite four day they
have put him under ground dead or alive — The physicians
Page 2

all said he was dead — but physicians are so often mistaken
that had he been a friend of mine I would never have
consented to his burial until some certain evidence
was firm of his disease — The apprehension that
he might be alive would haunt me ever after — The
horror of such an internment I think will justify any
absurdity which uncertainty may induce the survivors
to practice — I have succeeded with Maria
and Abbey
Birth: 1822 Death: 1895-09-16

in getting our two front rooms cleaned and in order
the parlour carpet proved to be quite large enough and
is very pretty — We shall do no more until next week
as my time this week must be entirely devoted to my
boy — he is to leave Friday — Henry
Birth: 1801-05-16 Death: 1872-10-10
has been quite
sick with the ague in his face and is now suffering
with rheumatism — all the effect of a cold taken those
warm days — Tomorrow he is to go to Ovid to attend
Court — Mrs
Birth: 1768-12-05 Death: 1849-08-24
& Mrs Seward
Birth: 1769-11-27 Death: 1844-12-11
are as usual quite
sick half the time — Mother has never been able to
go out since she came — Mr Seward has been twice
to Church — Willie
Birth: 1839-06-18 Death: 1920-04-29
enjoys his eyes much — he has
just returned from the pasture where he has been for the cow
all life and animation — he wears a large sun bonnet
Page 3

drawn over his face — Mr Underwood

Editorial Note

Possibly Cyrus Underwood
Birth: 1801-09-16 Death: 1881-10-12
or Amos Underwood
Birth: 1791-12-22 Death: 1846-06-23
took him to ride
Thursday — he goes often to the office and is constantly
teasing me to hear him say his letters — I am afraid of
trying his eyes — one is a little inflamed to day — I have
homeopathic medicine which I give him occasionally
though his health and appetite are much improved by air
and exercise — dear little boy every thing is new and beautiful
to him after so many months of darkness — I should like
to know if you saw Dr Munn
Birth: 1804-04-07 Death: 1847-12-12
at Rochester — I should
not hesitate in the least about telling him the effect
of the quinine — I hope Frances
Birth: 1826-12-12 Death: 1909-08-24
has the new Piano
and is pleased with it — I am very sorry about
your hat — I think you should get new trimmings
for the one you have — I have had mine trimmed with
light ribbon — the summer hats are very pretty but
much smaller than I supposed — Tell Frances I see
or hear of nothing new in the way of dress — I went
to call upon Mrs Barker
(George) on her way to Buffalo
there I found Frances Goodwin
Birth: 1808-09-10
and Stephen
Birth: 1807-11-26 Death: 1879-05-13
in a very
flourishing state — Frances with that light green silk
a new straw colored silk hat with a profusion of flowers
and lace and a heavy black silk shawl embroidered
in colours — I do not think that can be the fashion
for summer — though Frances seemed to feel perfectly
complacent on the subject — Mrs Barker was very
glad to see me and vastly more agreeable than I ever found
her before — she has a babe
4 months old “our posterity”
as Barker
calls it — it was a dear little girl and
reminded me so strongly of Nealy
Birth: 1836-08-25 Death: 1837-01-14
that I wet its little
soft face with tears — Mc Clallen
Birth: 1791-09-07 Death: 1860-11-16
has hired a house
on north street nearly opposite Chapel — Clara
Birth: 1793-05-01 Death: 1862-09-05
says it is
a pretty place though the house is larger than she wishes
I do not know when they move — Mc Clallen seems
Page 4

to be lost this afternoon — he has not been seen since noon and
it is now 6 oclock — a very unusual thing for him —
Mrs Sherman Beardsley
Birth: 1793 Death: 1843-05-20
died yesterday — H. Underwood
Birth: 1818-02-08 Death: 1881

went last evening for Sherman
Birth: 1785 Death: 1862-04-30
who had gone the day
before to N. York — Mrs B — had been sick some time
though she could not have been considered immediately dangerous
Emily Burr
Birth: 1825-03-18 Death: 1846-05-25
is in N.Y. She called a council of physicians
she has been tapped for the dropsy — this is all we
hear — Love to Frances
your own sister
Mrs Alvah Worden
May 22


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[right Margin] Willie was much delighted with the story of the
tree toad —