Letter from Frances Miller Seward to Lazette Miller Worden, June 5, 1843

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Letter from Frances Miller Seward to Lazette Miller Worden, June 5, 1843



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Letter from Frances Miller Seward to Lazette Miller Worden, June 5, 1843

action: sent

sender: Frances Seward
Birth: 1805-09-24  Death: 1865-06-21

location: Auburn, NY

receiver: Lazette Worden
Birth: 1803-11-01  Death: 1875-10-03

location: Canandaigua, NY

transcription: aca 

revision: crb 2018-03-05

Page 1
Monday June 5th 1843
My dear Sister,
I ought to have written yesterday but was so
sick that I could not sit up much of the day – Clara
Birth: 1793-05-01 Death: 1862-09-05
Wednesday – I am lonely enough without her – The Irish
I had engaged came Monday morning – behaved in a
very suspicious manner, and upon our making some
inquiry about her we found she was a worthless creature
whom it was unsafe to keep in the house – I dismissed
her when she finished the washing – Wednesday morning
succeeded in getting for me a coloured girl 19
years old who is not altogether graceless but can
do nothing about the cooking without assistance –
I have had a toilsome week and yesterday as I mentioned
was sick in bed – Mrs. Harding
Birth: 1795-08-24 Death: 1845-08-27
joined her husband
Birth: 1792-09-01 Death: 1866-04-01

Thursday night and remained until Saturday –
Friday morning Miller
came to white wash – the
carpet in my room was to be taken up – a fire made
in the South room for Mrs Harding – breakfast to get
and Henry
Birth: 1801-05-16 Death: 1872-10-10
to leave in the cars at 7 oclock of course
Page 2

his clothes to put up – he left me in a state of great
perplexity – You would laugh were you to hear all the
particulars of our second breakfast but it did get on the
table finally – I then left my guests to direct about
the white washing and from thence went to the kitchen
to make pies &c – for dinner – About 10 oclock
I was informed that Mrs Harding had gone out for the
remainder of the day and he had gone to fish – I was
thankful for small mercies – our family of 11 appeared
quite small in consequence – We all worked diligently
and the carpet was put down before tea – Soon after
Mrs Harding came back and favored me with her society
until 10 oclock I was so tired and sleepy that I could
hardly keep my eyes open – Mrs. H– is very fat, coarse
looking and common every way – She reminded me
of Jerry Rathbone's
Birth: 1791-08-02 Death: 1845-05-13
Birth: 1809-05-27 Death: 1894-01-15
by her easy assurance in so-
ciety to which she cannot be very much accustomed –
Such persons think that wealth is ample atonement
for all other deficiencies – I could not avoid laughing
when Mr Seward's
Birth: 1768-12-05 Death: 1849-08-24
usual "she is a pleasant little
woman" saluted my ears" – she is about the width of
a barn door – I doubt not good in her way –
Page 3

Saturday morning they went to Geneva with the
expectation of making a convenience of our house when they
return – and Saturday morning I hired another girl –
'Hirish' of course – She seems to know a little more about
cooking than Abbey
Birth: 1822 Death: 1895-09-16
and I – Abbey wishes to go home for
a visit – I shall keep the coloured girl until Abbey
comes back and we get through cleaning house – If
you do not succeed in getting any one when Elsie
perhaps I can send some one from here – A coloured
from Geneva who was to be here this week was
recommended to me by her people but they could not tell
about her cooking which is an essential qualification with
me – The one I have would be much better than no help
she is pleasant, active, and perfectly willing to be taught –
her chief defect is the same as Betsy Bullers
she will
walk directly over a floor after cleaning it – Dear Clara
comes here every other day she is very busy – has had no steady
help – Maria has not gone there yet – a boy has come to
board and two more are to come from the shop – I have
not been able to go there since she moved – I want now to see
the house previous – it is pretty and convenient – McClallen
Birth: 1791-09-07 Death: 1860-11-16

is in a very satisfied frame of mind – Fred
Birth: 1830-07-08 Death: 1915-04-25
and Willie
Birth: 1839-06-18 Death: 1920-04-29
there yesterday after church – Mr Seward was sick all day
did not come down stairs – Mother
Birth: 1769-11-27 Death: 1844-12-11
continues very feeble – Julia
Birth: 1811-08-26 Death: 1847-07-24

is very homesick – I received a letter from Augustus
Birth: 1826-10-01 Death: 1876-09-11
evening – he found Mr Weed
Birth: 1797-11-15 Death: 1882-11-22
going to Alb N. York the same evening with
himself they went together – he says he was at Mrs. Blatchford's
Birth: 1798-07-24 Death: 1857-12-23

Sunday – had his teeth filed and took the boat for West Point
Monday night when he had safely arrived – he will remain
at Mr. Kinsleys
Birth: 1802-02-17 Death: 1849-08-24
until the middle of June – Henry went
to see Weed off – very unexpectedly to me – Weed sails on the 7th
Henry thought he should not go further than Albany but he with
Birth: 1799-06-12 Death: 1851-09-19
went on Saturday – I think he must be better than
when we were at Roche:sterGeorge Leitch
Birth: 1811-06-11 Death: 1855-02-28
is to go to Europe
at the same time with Weed — The Cliques
are to have
– dinner together on Tuesday for Weed –
Page 4

The white spot remains upon Willie's eye otherwise he is improving
constantly and very happy – Mr Harding will be here tomorrow
on his way to Seneca Falls to paint Garry
Birth: 1790-08-09 Death: 1865-06-02
– Mr H– stays
in Geneva for the present–
George Underwood
Birth: 1816-01-04 Death: 1859-05-25
was married last week to Miss Platt
Birth: 1817-08-07 Death: 1900-07-15
Owego – has gone to N. York – Henry was at the wedding
says they had a very pleasant time – I should like
much to see the new piano – Dear Fan
Birth: 1826-12-12 Death: 1909-08-24
– Aunty cried too
when the old piano was exchanged for a new one and can
well understand feelings which may appear inconsistent to others

[right Margin] I hope by this time you have entirely recovered – Helen Ann Wood
was here last
week – She came on business – had a portly boy
with her – she is much
changed in appearance but seemed glad to see me and made many
enquiries about you – Henry will return this week –
Your own Sister
Mrs. Alvah Worden


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