Letter from Frances Miller Seward to Lazette Miller Worden, 1845

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Letter from Frances Miller Seward to Lazette Miller Worden, 1845



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Letter from Frances Miller Seward to Lazette Miller Worden, 1845

action: sent

sender: Frances Seward
Birth: 1805-09-24  Death: 1865-06-21

location: Auburn, NY

receiver: Lazette Worden
Birth: 1803-11-01  Death: 1875-10-03

location: Canandaigua, NY

transcription: meb 

revision: crb 2018-07-11

Page 1

Thursday 5 oclock morning
My dear Sister, Dear Willie
Birth: 1839-06-18 Death: 1920-04-29
is very sick
I think with scarlet fever -- I have just sent for
Dr Robinson
Birth: 1804-02-04 Death: 1889-07-28
and have the disheartening answer that
he is out of town, gone to Rome and will not
be at home until 8 oclock to night — Willie
continue unwell through the day Tuesday and
at night had so much fever that I gave
him aconite through the night not dreaming
that it might be scarlet fever — Yesterday
he was more comfortable and went into the
garden but evidently had some fever and symptoms
so like measles that I felt sure that would
be the termination of his disease — I gave him
no medicine through the day — at night
his fever increased and I again gave him
Aconite instead of Belladona thinking it measles,
in the course of the night the eruption made
its appearance — then it first occurred to me
that it was scarlet fever — he was very
restless coughed and his throat was dry
and apparently filled with mucous — I then
gave him Belladonna for the first time — he
has coughed less and slept more quietly

[top Margin] I have a woman
to day cleaning
Clara's room for the occupation
of my boy when he comes
she is not willing that anyone else should have it
Willie has more fever to night but I hope will be
better in the morning Dr Witherill will tell you
Love to Frances
Birth: 1826-12-12 Death: 1909-08-24
— I am glad to hear Worden
Birth: 1797-03-06 Death: 1856-02-16
getting better — your own Sister

Page 2

since — I have waited impatiently for day light
but only to meet this severe disappointment — I
have very little confidence in my own judgment
with regard to the administration of medicine
and fear to give without advice — How much
I wish you were with me — but I cannot ask
you to leave your own family sick — I have
just sent for Dimon

Editorial Note

David Dimon
Birth: 1809-01-07 Death: 1890-10-13
or Theodore Dimon
Birth: 1816-09-19 Death: 1889-07-22
— when he comes I will
finish my letter — it seems a long time until
night and then the Dr may not come —
Afternoon — 5 oclock — Dr Witherill
Birth: 1823 Death: 1866-10-30
has just been
here with your letter — Dimon came this
morning — I supposing that he knew Dr Robinson
had been sent for told him I wished his opinion
of my boys disease without asking him to preside
however he did not wait for an invitation
but prepared some powders of epicac and
a solution of Antimony which immediately
caused Willie to cry — I whispered to him
that he need not take them — The Dr left
directions about the administration and left me
after having convinced me that this rash was
occasioned by a deranged state of the stomach —
I should have felt better satisfied to have had an ex-
planation but the Dr's extreme gravity and reserve
precluded that I only said that I had given
no medicine in my family but homeopathic for
3 years — a communication which seemed utterly
lost upon him — Since that it time Willie has
had a return of fever and the rash was again
so perceptible that I was once more inclined to
think it measles — Dr Witherill however
agrees with Dimon — I of course continue

[left Margin] you must read the "Vestiges of Creation"
 Publisher: Wiley and Putnam Place of Publication:New York City Date: 1845

it is the book now a days
though said to be calculated to
make infidels —.

Page 3

homeopathic remedies — I have not now told you all
about a thousand things I had to write — I hardly know
when I wrote before or where I left off — Henry
Birth: 1801-05-16 Death: 1872-10-10
had an attack
of erysipelas last week similar to that he had in N —
York — I sent for Dr Robinson without consulting him
but he could not be prevailed upon to take any medicine
he followed Dr Doane's
Birth: 1808-04-02 Death: 1852-01-27
prescription applying ice and
vinegar to his face and drinking congress water
he succeeded in driving the inflammation from one part
of his face to another and finally to his neck and hands —
for three days he was confined much of the time
to his bed with his face frightfully swollen — Just at
this time Gov
Birth: 1787-01-13 Death: 1854-04-19
and Mrs
Birth: 1791-02-17 Death: 1872-01-24
Davis came along — Pa
Birth: 1772-04-11 Death: 1851-11-13
with them in the cars from Syracuse— it was 8
oclock Saturday night when I heard of their arrival
Feeling under many obligations to them for previous attentions
and desirous to gratify Henry I put Sister
Birth: 1844-12-09 Death: 1866-10-29
in the cradle
put on my hat and shawl and was waiting for Fred
Birth: 1830-07-08 Death: 1915-04-25

to go with me to the American when Kit
Birth: 1808-06-04 Death: 1877-04-03
came along
he of course was happy to accompany me – At the American
we found Gov and Mrs Davis — Mr
Birth: 1796 Death: 1874-05-10
and Mrs Farnham
Birth: 1803-05-19 Death: 1887-10-07

a sister and brother in law of Mrs Davis — and a young
and Mrs
Davis nephew and niece of the Gov — all on
their way to Niagara — They declined going to our house
except Gov and Mrs Davis who went over to see Henry
having some intention of going on the next day — Fred went
over in the morning to ascertain and invite them to accompany
us to Church if they remained — they remained and went
with Fred Kit and I to Church — on our way home
I invited the whole party to tea (Mr and Mrs Farnham
had gone on) also invited Kit to bring his family to meet
them — all consented and I hurried home to prepare to receive
them — Then Henry sent an invitation to Judge Conkling
Birth: 1789-10-12 Death: 1874-02-05
family making in the whole a party of 12 — you can imagine
what kind of a Sunday I had besides causing a confectioner
and colored waiter
to break the Sabbath together with the
domestics in my own family, who by the way, Caroline
were thereby deprived of the pleasure of a sailing
party on the Owasco (which is now to be revived for
another sundays violation)
Page 4

I sent for Clara
Birth: 1793-05-01 Death: 1862-09-05
and McLallen
Birth: 1791-09-07 Death: 1860-11-16
— dear Clara came and tended Sister
until 10 o clock but would not go in the room — The party
remained until 1/2 past 10 — Tea coffee cake ice cream
sweetmeats wine & lemonade were dispersed by the
said waiter in a graceful manner — He is a Quaker
from Philadelphia — quite a convenience if he remains —
I liked the Davis' just as well as ever and regretted
that they did not live where we could see them
often — They went on the next morning in the cars —
Judge Conkling was not well enough to come — Mrs Conkling
Birth: 1791 Death: 1851-04-14

and Margaret
Birth: 1814-01-27 Death: 1890-07-29
represented the family — Dr
Birth: 1786-11-18 Death: 1853-04-20
and Mrs Pitney
Birth: 1797-12-04 Death: 1862-05-06

Kit and Mary
Birth: 1813-02-16 Death: 1893-10-14
— Mary appeared quite amiable by undressing
sister and giving her her bread and milk which her very
attentive cousin
Birth: 1828-10-07 Death: 1897-07-24
had entirely forgotten — she by the way
exhibits more and more her relationship to Clarence
every day — Ann gets along much better than I hoped —
if I can get Eliza Doyle
I shall be very fortunate
Caroline leaves this week — that Sunday party has
Mrs Alvah Worden
Canandaigua —
Dr Witherell

[right Margin] kept her a few days longer than she proposed.
I shall have no difficulty in getting along
with Johns
for the present of if I
continue well — I wish you could see Fannie
she is so knowing —