Letter from Frances Miller Seward to Lazette Miller Worden, April 23, 1856

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Letter from Frances Miller Seward to Lazette Miller Worden, April 23, 1856



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Letter from Frances Miller Seward to Lazette Miller Worden, April 23, 1856

action: sent

sender: Frances Seward
Birth: 1805-09-24  Death: 1865-06-21

location: Washington D.C., US

receiver: Lazette Worden
Birth: 1803-11-01  Death: 1875-10-03

location: Auburn, NY

transcription: pag 

revision: zz 2021-09-16


Page 1

Wednesday night
April 23d
My dear Sister,
I sat up to night (though
not very well) on purpose to
get that good long letter which
you wrote Monday – and it
came just as I hoped it
would – We feel as if we wanted
to see dear little Frank
Birth: 1854-02-13 Death: 1931-05-23
much – I was in a state of
considerable despondency when
I last wrote on account of
the departure of our son Will
Birth: 1839-06-18 Death: 1920-04-29

how we do miss the
creature – I should like
to know whether he is at
Albany or Auburn to night –
You ask dear sister what
I am going to do when I come
home I can only say as
weak and stupid people
Page 2

generally do “I dont
know” – I cannot
determine to open the house &
keep a house of entertainment
which is a necessary con-
sequence – I will do what
you and Clara
Birth: 1793-05-01 Death: 1862-09-05
think best
but I have told every body
that I am not to keep
house this summer –
There are so many ways of
living here in Washington
without having the cooking
done in the house that
I have some how or another
fancied I could live in
that way too – and yet
when I come to scan it down
make it quite [ s ]

Alternate Text

Alternate Text: so

plain – Fanny
Birth: 1844-12-09 Death: 1866-10-29
and I do not
eat meat but two or
three times a week – we
miss the milk so much
Page 3

that it seems to us now we
could almost live on that
alone – If Catherine
Birth: 1837 Death: 1878-04-08
could we do any thing with
her? or could

Editorial Note

Marie, servant, unknown
or Harriet
Birth: 1807 Death: 1888-08-20
get our dinners
for us at their own houses
and send them over? This
is the way Gen Webbs
Birth: 1802-02-08 Death: 1884-06-07
for 19 persons is supplied
I shall wish to be at the
house which would prevent
my boarding with Clara
though the others might if
she is willing to have the
trouble of them – You and
I will be together wont we?
I may not be home more
than two months – possibly
much longer – it is
quite uncertain when
Congress adjourns – I wish
to be here and have the
Page 4

house cleaned during the
adjournment if I can –
Sarah Hanse
Birth: 1820-01-25 Death: 1867-06-10
was to come the
1st of September to take charge
of Fanny & I wish I had deferred
that a month later — Beside
all these things to be considered
Birth: 1801-05-16 Death: 1872-10-10
has dive[ rs ]


Reason: wax-seal
& sund[ r ]


Reason: wax-seal
y plans
which as they depend upon
political machinery I do not
think it worth while to
include in our calculations –
I have not yet written to Dr Jayne
Birth: 1817-02-06 Death: 1897-11-09

in relation to a seaside visit
but it has been suggested that
it might not be safe for me.
If the mountain air is considered
preferable we can go to Bethlehem
which is on the way here
you & Clara inclusive – Now
if all this is intelligible after
you have both talked it over
let me know what you advise
I have been better since Fred
Birth: 1830-07-08 Death: 1915-04-25

and Anna
Birth: 1834-03-29 Death: 1919-05-02
left than since
Page 5

last fall – I am sick to day
in consequence of talking to
Tom Miller
Birth: 1817-07-09 Death: 1864-07-23
who came yesterday
morning – talking affects my
throat and chest just as it has
done for three years past –
but my nerves are less
irritable for which, I thank
God – I cannot look back
without a shudder – it
was very dark some of the
time – Still there was much
to be thankful for –
Tom Miller went to Richmond
last night to return tomorrow –
George Grier
Birth: 1802-09-27 Death: 1878-12-20
came about
the time he left – Henry
went this evening at 7 to drive
with Mr Crampton
Birth: 1805-08-13 Death: 1886-12-05
9 or 10 he and George Grier
are to go to

Editorial Note

Michael Corcoran
Birth: 1827-09-21 Death: 1863-12-22
or William Wilson Corcoran
Birth: 1798-12-27 Death: 1888-02-24
Mr Corcorans
to an evening party –
Page 6

"Mrs Nathaniel Banks Jr"
Birth: 1819-10-16 Death: 1901-01-31

gives three [ soirie ]

Alternate Text

Alternate Text: soiree
this &
next month – I think
Will, has one of her cards
To night come cards from

Editorial Note

Mary Ann Throop Aiken Lacey
Birth: 1790-10-08 Death: 1867-03-02
or Harriet Lowndes Aiken
Birth: 1818-01-18 Death: 1892-03-24
Mrs Aiken for next week –
so they go on here – I
cannot write you any thing about
Mrs Stowe
Birth: 1811-06-14 Death: 1896-07-01
that would be
satisfactory – Henry thinks her
the most agreeable of the
x Birth: 1813-06-24  Death: 1887-03-08  Birth: 1800-09-06  Death: 1878-05-12 
– She was too fashionably
dressed for my taste – h
but that is a venial offence
here – Mrs Bailey
Birth: 1812-12-12 Death: 1888
had her
bonnet nearly as far on her
neck though not so loaded
with trimming – Mrs Stowe
did not incline to talk much
to me, which is not surprising
as Henry was in the room and
very sociable – There are a thou-
sand items I can give you when
we meet – Prof. Stowe
Birth: 1802-04-26 Death: 1886-08-22
is a
very respectable & Charles Sumner
Birth: 1811-01-06 Death: 1874-03-11

Page 7

^says^ a learned man though rather
overshadowed by Mrs Stowe
just now – They took tea
with us but were not here
over an hour – Friday Charles
Sumner was here to dinner and
after dinner we talked awhile
Saturday Mr Draper
Birth: 1795-04-14 Death: 1866-11-06
here – I also saw him after
dinner – while he was with
me in the drawing room
Matilda Webb
Birth: 1827-11-30 Death: 1896-10-03
came – She
& Louise
Birth: 1830-12-14 Death: 1918-12-04
have just returned
from the burying of their
mothers youngest sister Mrs
Le Roy
Birth: 1816-02-06 Death: 1856-04-08
– they are grieved
by her death – Mrs Webb
Birth: 1826-01-02 Death: 1890-01-16

and Mrs Fish
Birth: 1816-12-17 Death: 1887-06-30
are both to
be confined this month I
am told – I doubt it so
soon with Mrs Fish though
as she is still visiting – Mrs
Webb does not sit up –
Page 8

I want to hear whether Watchie
 Death: 1856-04-29

knows Will – Tell Will
that we miss him just as much
as we expected – Green
is not
able to be here being with Mr
Birth: 1811-09-08 Death: 1882-11-29
who has the varioloid
so Henry is without a Secretary —
George Grier & he are to devise
some plan for George Seward
Birth: 1808-08-26 Death: 1888-12-07

and his family
x Birth: 1853-09-21  Death: 1877-10-20  Birth: 1824-02-11  Death: 1895  Birth: 1844-11-20  Death: 1917-01-29  Birth: 1840-11-08  Death: 1910-11-28  Birth: 1838-04-16  Death: 1916-02-22  Birth: 1835-01-09  Death: 1926 
who are
still at Polydores
Birth: 1799 Death: 1872-04-23
in sufferance
I did not tell you how
bad Walter Cary
Birth: 1818-12-21 Death: 1880-11-01
looked —
Birth: 1817-05-09 Death: 1889-12-02
thinks he has a pulmonary
disease – Did you read in
Monday’s journal Wilkesons
account of our visit to Miss
school – I did not
say just that – but that
is unimportant – it being only
a variation of phrasology – Wilkeson
feels right & strongly – I did
not think I should fill two sheets
but here they are though on
many pieces – Love to Clara
your own Sister