Letter from Frances Miller Seward to Sarah Dare Hance, February 8, 1858

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Letter from Frances Miller Seward to Sarah Dare Hance, February 8, 1858



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Letter from Frances Miller Seward to Sarah Dare Hance, February 8, 1858

action: sent

sender: Frances Seward
Birth: 1805-09-24  Death: 1865-06-21

location: Washington D.C., US

receiver: Sarah Hance
Birth: 1820-01-25  Death: 1867-06-10

location: Palmyra, NY

transcription: tml 

revision: vxa 2020-11-22

Page 1

Washington Feb 8th
My dear Sarah,
I know you will not think it
an evidence of forgetfulness that I have
so long failed to answer the pleasant
letter I had from you before leaving
Auburn – We felt very much alone after
you left us – I employed myself in
trying to amuse my little girl
Birth: 1844-12-09 Death: 1866-10-29
missed you exceedingly – Much sooner
than I anticipated our summons came to
go to Washington – Mr Mellen
Birth: 1822 Death: 1896
wrote me
they would be there the 26t – in order
to be there to meet them I found it necessary
to go as early as the 18thMy sister
Birth: 1803-11-01 Death: 1875-10-03
not be persuaded to stay – She came home
Saturday night – me leaving the next Tuesday
morning – You will readily imagine how
much we were obliged to leave unsaid –
Fanny was sick in bed when her Aunty
came home with sore throat – & scarcely
able to sit up Monday – however the Dr

said the journey would not harm her
as the event proved –

[left Margin] Fanny sends love with the enquiry
"did you get my letter"

[top Margin] Mr Sumner
Birth: 1811-01-06 Death: 1874-03-11
came back, for a few days only, last
Thursday – He is stronger than he was last Spring
and thinks near recovery – I hope it may be so
there seems to me much cause yet for apprehension –
Page 2

Birth: 1839-06-18 Death: 1920-04-29
came home to escort us on
our journey which we accomplished in
four days – saw Frederick
Birth: 1830-07-08 Death: 1915-04-25
& Anna
Birth: 1834-03-29 Death: 1919-05-02
Birth: 1834-07-25 Death: 1922-02-28
in Albany – who were all well -
Birth: 1828-10-07 Death: 1897-07-24
was there too – I saw his wife
Birth: 1828-05-22 Death: 1906-12-09

in New York but as I did not go to their
house I did not see the children
x Birth: 1857-05-22  Death: 1929-11-27  Birth: 1852-02-26  Death: 1927-04-04 
Fanny attempted to find Mrs Watrous
Birth: 1805-01-29 Death: 1860
but a
mistake about the number prevented –
We found Mr Seward
Birth: 1801-05-16 Death: 1872-10-10
at the depot – pretty
well – a little more care worn than at
Auburn – Catherine
Birth: 1837 Death: 1878-04-08
had the house in excellent
order – We find John
Birth: 1827
a much more
useful & reliable waiter than HenryLouisa
Birth: 1825

and Lewis continue in their respective
apartments for the present –
Mr Seward wrote again for Anna soon
after I came down finding it impossible
to manage the matter of intercourse with
serenity here without the entire devotion
of one woman at least to that occupation –
I had been obliged to spend much more
time than I could well spare in merely
attempting to leave Mr Sewards card
in return for the hundreds which accu-
mulate here every ten days Of course
I make no attempt to at intercourse with
general society – We had a very
Page 3

pleasant visit of a week from our
good friends Mr & Mrs Mellen
Birth: 1830 Death: 1902
– they
were greatly disappointed when they found
Mrs Worden had gone – It is a long time
since I have enjoyed so many evenings
of conversation outside of our own family –
conversation that was not only agreeable
but strengthening – I felt that it was
not too dear a price to obtain it at the
cost of some sleepless nights, which
is my usual penalty, you know –
The ball given by Lord
Birth: 1819-09-19 Death: 1898-12-19
& Lady Napier
Birth: 1823-12-20 Death: 1911-08-24
off the Monday succeeding our arrival. It
was in honor of the marriage of the Princess
Birth: 1840-11-21 Death: 1901-08-05
– a brilliant affair – Mr Seward
was there but I could not induce Will
to remain – he left for Albany the day
after we reached here – I spent a quiet
evening with Lady Napier very pleasantly
last week – She is not well – Their receptions
and evening entertainment, together with con-
tinual dinners make a large draft upon
one who has never strong health – I fear
she will not endure through the Winter
without serious illness – Her eldest son
Birth: 1846-09-22 Death: 1913-12-06

a boy of 11 is very pretty and winning
in manner – he is the only one of her
Page 4

4 boys
x Birth: 1850-07-03  Death: 1874-02-21  Birth: 1852-01-21  Death: 1919-08-19  Birth: 1848-11-13  Death: 1938-03-09 
that I have seen –
Fanny has been to see Miss Howland
Birth: 1827-11-20 Death: 1929-06-29
the Aquarium etc etc – all of which
I will leave for her more graphic pen – She has commenced no lessons yet except
an hour of History with me each morning –
I am thankful to be again strong enough
to resume in part the responsibility from
which you so kindly & satisfactorily relieved
me for a year – I know of no one else
to whom I would have delegated so precious
a charge – I am quite sure no other
could have performed the part more
conscientiously or more beneficially to my
child than you have done – You may
feel assured that both Mother & daughter
will always hold you in grateful
remembrance –
Frederick's wife came Saturday – is well
and enters upon her duties cheerfully
though she left her husband with some
reluctance – Mrs Schoolcraft comes
some time this week for a visit –
Mr Andrews
is still with us – & Mr Wharton
Birth: 1808-02-07 Death: 1868-09-09

at present – he came with Anna – I trust
you will remember us all – May the
blessing of our Father be always with &
around you – F.A. Seward –

[right Margin] I hear frequently from my sister
who is well at present
& with our Aunt
Birth: 1793-05-01 Death: 1862-09-05