Seward Family List of Books - By Author

  • Bachelor of Albany

    Author: Savage, Marmion
    Imprint: Harper & Brothers: New York City; 1848

  • Faith and Fancy

    Author: Savage, John
    Imprint: James B. Kirker: New York City; 1864

  • Fall of Poland

    Author: Saxton, L. C.
    Imprint: Charles Scribner: New York City; 1852

  • Carrier Pigeon

    Author: Schmid, Christopher von
    Imprint: E. Dunigan & Brother: New York City; 1849

  • Antiquary

    Author: Scott, Walter
    Imprint: James Crissy: Philadelphia; 1821

  • Flirtation, a Novel

    Author: Scott, Caroline Lucy [?]
    Imprint: J. & J. Harper: New York City; 1828

  • Lady of the Lake

    Author: Scott, Walter
    Imprint: James R. Osgood and Company: Boston; 1883

  • Lady of the Lake

    Author: Scott, Walter
    Imprint: Estes and Lauriat: Boston; Unknown

  • Pirate

    Author: Scott, Walter
    Imprint: Munroe and Francis: Boston; 1822

  • St. Ronan's Well

    Author: Scott, Walter
    Imprint: Wm. B. Gilley et al: New York City; 1824

  • Redwood; a Tale

    Author: Sedgwick, Catharine Maria
    Imprint: E. Bliss and E. White: New York City; 1824

  • Ecce Homo

    Author: Seeley, J. R.
    Imprint: Roberts Brothers: Boston, MA; 1866