Seward Family List of Books - By Author

  • Prairie Scenes

    Author: Catlin, George
    Imprint: Currier & Ives: New York City; 1857-1872

  • Egypte Ancienne

    Author: Champollion-Figeac, M.
    Imprint: Firmin Didot Freres, Fils et Cie: Paris; 1869

  • Slavery.

    Author: Channing, William Ellery
    Imprint: James Munroe and Company: Boston, MA; 1836

  • North and the South

    Author: Chase, Henry and C. H. Sanborn
    Imprint: John P. Jewett and Company: Boston; 1857

  • Atala, Rene

    Author: Chateaubriand, M. Le Vicomte de
    Imprint: Roe Lockwood & Son: New York City; 1859

  • Girls' Own Book

    Author: Child, L. Maria
    Imprint: Clark Austin & Co.: New York City; 1833

  • Letters From New-York

    Author: Child, L. Maria
    Imprint: Charles S. Francis and Company: New York City; 1843

  • De re publica

    Author: Cicero, Marcus Tullius
    Imprint: Harvard University Press: Cambridge, Mass; 1977

  • Parlour Scrap Book

    Author: Clark, Willis Gaylord
    Imprint: Carey, Lea and Blanchard: Philadelphia; 1836

  • Pastor's Testimony

    Author: Clark, John A.
    Imprint: W. Marshall and Co.: Philadelphia; 1835

  • Poems

    Author: Clough, Arthur Hugh
    Imprint: MacMillan and Co: London; 1885

  • Poems

    Author: Coe, Richard
    Imprint: Smith, English & Co.: Philadelphia; 1862

  • Seat of Empire

    Author: Coffin, Charles Carleton
    Imprint: Fields, Osgood & Co: Boston; 1870

  • Man and Wife

    Author: Collins, Wilkie
    Imprint: Harper & Brothers: New York City; 1870

  • Queen of Hearts

    Author: Collins, Wilkie
    Imprint: Harper & Brothers: New York City; 1859